Ryan "EGYPT" El-Hosseiny best exemplifies progression, focus, dedication and hard work while still having your youth. He has not only been a true leader and example to young adults, but to driven individuals of all ages who want to be better at what they do, regardless of ethnicity, age or sex.

Ryan has always worked hard to get ahead and excel in life. Born on November 20th, 1986 in Livingston, New Jersey, he was the 2nd child of 3 and his family knew this one was different and very special. At age 12 he started his first business with his younger brother Adam. They would shovel snow in Fort Lee, NJ during the winter and made some “cold” hard cash. At age 13 he was working at a catering hall, then Winn-Dixie supermarket at 14, Dunkin' Donuts at 15 then managed one at 16, a car wash at after that and a local clothing retailer at 17.  As a teenager, the serial entrepreneur also started a music recording studio, a clothing line and has kept launching new businesses from that point on.

Ryan, at age 29, is a true success and has made millions of dollars with his businesses. He didn't inherit his money nor did he launch a technology company. In 2014 he founded RAMES Group Inc., a Jupiter, Florida based firm that specializes in international business and is CEO of Access Medical Laboratories, Inc., one of the Nation's largest full service Diagnostic Lab which he has built with his family since 2004.

Ryan also then founded OPREME Beverage Corp in 2012, an energy drink he developed which he sold in July 2015.

Now as Ryan continues to grow his business, investments and horizon, he also wants to give back to the community and share his youthful wisdom. The millennial millionaire espouses strong values on hard work, following your passion, not letting others negatively influence you, and to always let faith guide you. Growing up as a young Arab-American male in a post- September 11th USA has also given him a perspective on racism, prejudice, and discrimination that he shares in his presentations to schools.

Today, Ryan spends his time continuously mastering his craft of an entrepreneur, strategic investor, CEO and leader. It's the investment in himself that has been the most profitable in return due to the success it's brought to himself, family and others around him.